Monthly Archives: February 2014

Great new video out of the Netherlands

Our colleagues at PAX in the Netherlands released a great new animated video about the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots today.  This video brings to light some of the key issues we are trying to address in this campaign in a fun and informative way.

Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments.

Now the team at PAX wasn’t content just to post an amazing video, they also released a new report today.  In Deadly Decisions: 8 objections to killer robots, the team opens with a disconcerting quote from John Pike:

First, you had human beings without machines.

Then you had human beings with machines.

And finally you have machines without human beings.

After that the report outlines eight key objections to the development and use of killer robots.  It is definitely worth a read:

Great work PAX!


Campaign Reviews RoboCop

The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots has reviewed the newly released movie RoboCop and its messages about killer robots.  We thought you might be interested in the results.  Check out the review online at: but be warned there are some spoilers.

If you would prefer to check out the movie yourself, let us know what you think in the comments section.  Help us keep killer robots on the screen and off the street by signing and sharing our Keep Killer Robots Fiction petition!